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Imagine a world where there is certainty (for most of the 90s, 00s). Imagine being surrounded by experienced peers, clients and brains. Imagine being compelled to pursue, make and create great ideas for over thirty years.

In 1994 when Arunas photographed me in Sydney, I had just turned 25, I was four years out of design school at Randwick, and just in case you missed it – ambitious. The work is also of the time, ambitious, well-intended fundraising collateral made for the Australian Chamber Orchestra when Josephine was GM. Marketing images by Greg Barrett, along with photographs I made were chopped up, manipulated and pulled together on the photocopier, fax machine and flatbed scanner, the first smartphone was 14 years away, our studio only had one email address, a website was eight years away. In 1994 old ways and new ideas were awkward dance partners, trying to keep up with a soundtrack being written as it played for the first time.

Travel 24 years into the future – much has changed, yet what remains fundamental are those things that you can’t be downloaded:

  • Having the certainty to invest in creativity, brand and design continues to challenge
  • Being curious and excited about making work is fundamental
  • Great design comes from people and briefs with great vision and purpose
  • Experience with these people and products without question has been amazing and priceless


Enjoy our new studio space and our latest efforts. Like all our clients and friends we have invested a great deal in our practice to be the special thing it is. Drop by often we promised to keep it fresh; as a 25-year-old just out of art school.




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